Veal at the Omnivore food festival in Paris

The event for top young chefs. Since the start of Omnivore in 2003, the food festival has been the platform for the new generation of top chefs around the world and for modern cuisine. The Netherlands is the guest of honour at this edition of Omnivore. Between 10 and 12 March in Paris, about 130 chefs, farmers, wine makers and sommeliers will show what the future of food is all about. Three top chefs are representing the Netherlands: Joris Bijdendijk of Rijks (Amsterdam), Thijs Meliefste of Restaurant Meliefste (Wolphaartsdijk) and Syrco Bakker of Pure C (Cadzand).

‘Understand and respect the roots to better build the future. This is the theme of Omnivore this year. Our vision is entirely in line with this theme. This is why the VanDrie Group is a partner of the event. Veal is a great, versatile product. It's the perfect addition to a modern menu’, says Marijke Everts (Director Corporate Affairs of the VanDrie Group) Dutch veal is prominently featured during Omnivore. Not only has the VanDrie Group a stand where veal will be prepared by its own chef, David Veenstra, but the company has also supplied veal products for the special Pop Up Dinner ‘raw’. This will be an opportunity for Bijdendijk, Meliefste and Bakker to show what Dutch refined cuisine is all about. According to Thijs Meliefste, veal is absolutely indispensable in the culinary field. Thijs says: ‘It's wonderful meat. Veal has a great structure but a nice bite as well. I enjoy working with it. The taste of veal is top notch. It does not have the dense heaviness of beef. It is refined.’ Sweetbread in particular, an exquisite piece of organ meat, is a true delicacy, according to Thijs. ‘We are using sweetbread for the Pop Up Dinner. It is nicely poached and then glazed or roasted.’

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