The VanDrie Group has published its CSR report

Dutch family-run company the VanDrie Group has published its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report online. In doing so, the group is making its 11th annual report on its efforts and challenges in the areas of sustainability, animal welfare and food safety.

The CSR report of the VanDrie Group, an integrated producer of veal, (calf) feed and calfskins, concerns issues that its stakeholders find relevant. To this end, the business regularly inspects its partners. This year, a clear change could be observed in themes marked as relevant; the absence of environmental themes was clearly visible, and animal welfare and management-related themes have increased in importance.  “Issues surrounding animal welfare in particular are being prioritised. How are we approaching the transportation of calves? How are we assuring welfare in the slaughterhouses? What are we doing to reduce the use of antibiotics? Currently, these are very relevant questions,” says Henny Swinkels, Director Corporate Affairs.  Other important themes are food safety & public heath, and producing reliable and responsible veal. Swinkels: “We export our products across the globe and our customers, wherever they are located, have to be able to rely on our quality. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a concern here in the Netherlands. It is a worldwide priority and all our customers feel that it is important.” The report, which is titled ‘Kracht van de Keten’ (The Power of the Chain), provides insight into each step of the production process. The Dutch report is available at www.vandriegroup.nl/mvo

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