Quality thanks to Tracking and Tracing

Our buyers have to be able to rely on the quality and safety of our veal products and we provide those guarantees by way of our quality system Safety Guard. It safeguards food safety, animal welfare, the responsible use of antibiotics and environmental management across the entire production chain.

The backbone of Safety Guard is the tracking & tracing system. The VanDrie Group registers everything. Using the individual ID or ear number of the calf, all data, which is collected at different stages of the production process, is linked. This data includes the ear number of the mother, the date of birth of the calf, breed characteristics, country of origin, location of the farm, the feed used, all deliveries of calf milk and the individual raw materials.

The calf and later the meat, are always traceable: we know where every piece of meat in our companies is located and what their destination is. We already know before the slaughter of each calf which part is going to which customer. This degree of accuracy is possible because the VanDrie Group, as the only integrated producer in the meat sector, controls the entire chain and, as a result, has control over the logistics.

Our track & trace system contributes to the quality of our veal. There are many different raw materials in the feed. Each individual raw material that a calf eats has an effect on the ultimate quality of the meat. By using historical data, we can precisely see what influence the raw materials have on taste and shelf life. This makes quality control easier and enables us to respond to customer wishes quickly.

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