Activists arrested at Ekro

On Sunday evening, 12 September, activists raided veal production company Ekro, part of the VanDrie Group, in Apeldoorn. The activists subsequently chained themselves up in production areas. Due to effective police action, all 82 activists were removed from the premises in an... More


VanDrie Group gives update on Covid-19 situation

Covid-19 continues to hold the Netherlands in its grip. It has done for over a year, and not only in this country. Our own companies have been actively and stringently anticipating the situation for over a year. And things were going well. Until the situation changed at veal... More


Compressed air issues at Ekro

We produce various customer-specific veal products on a daily basis at our veal processing plants. It is a process that requires multiple forms of energy and effort. In order to deliver the best possible quality day in, day out, regular maintenance is carried out at the veal... More


In conversation with… Willy, Head of HR at Ekro and Jacqueline, Director at Faciloo

Since 2010, Ekro has been working with Headex and Faciloo, two agencies that specialise in hiring and housing workers from Lithuania. A well-oiled machine is how you might in the meantime describe the mutual collaboration between the job coach of the veal processor in... More


Puzzling Planners

Every workday, the planners in our meat processing companies get up early to work on a challenging task: planning the deliveries to customers.  More


Making a Valuable Impact in Japan

Being well and truly rooted in Japanese society as a Dutch family business comes naturally to the VanDrie Group.  More

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