Exclusive! VanDrie Group launches 3D veal cuts book

VanDrie Group: the first meat producer worldwide to launch a 3D veal cuts book with augmented reality technology More


Compressed air issues at Ekro

We produce various customer-specific veal products on a daily basis at our veal processing plants. It is a process that requires multiple forms of energy and effort. In order to deliver the best possible quality day in, day out, regular maintenance is carried out at the veal... More


In conversation with… Willy, Head of HR at Ekro and Jacqueline, Director at Faciloo

Since 2010, Ekro has been working with Headex and Faciloo, two agencies that specialise in hiring and housing workers from Lithuania. A well-oiled machine is how you might in the meantime describe the mutual collaboration between the job coach of the veal processor in... More


Puzzling Planners

Every workday, the planners in our meat processing companies get up early to work on a challenging task: planning the deliveries to customers.  More


Making a Valuable Impact in Japan

Being well and truly rooted in Japanese society as a Dutch family business comes naturally to the VanDrie Group.  More


Track 'n trace at the slaughterhouse

Our chain works at the highest level of food safety, quality and traceability. We invited the editors of Nederland Voedselland to visit two links in this chain. The editors ended up in a world of track & trace, valorisation and zero tolerance: at Ekro and Oukro.  More


New Ekro wastewater treatment plant running at full capacity

Ekro intends to apply sustainable water management and to continue meeting the requirements of the Water Board district Vallei and Veluwe.  More


Dutch veal marketed in China

Official opening celebrated with Dutch Veal Event. The opening of the Chinese market for Dutch veal was celebrated with a Dutch Veal Event in Beijing on 17 April. The VanDrie Group organised this event in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in China and the Dutch meat sector... More


Veal at the Omnivore food festival in Paris

The event for top young chefs. Since the start of Omnivore in 2003, the food festival has been the platform for the new generation of top chefs around the world and for modern cuisine. The Netherlands is the guest of honour at this edition of Omnivore. Between 10 and 12 March... More


VanDrie Group to present itself at Gulfood

The world’s largest food and beverages trade show provides a good platform. With two stands at the Gulfood trade show in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), VanDrie Group will be represented by its subsidiaries in the fields of both veal and raw dairy materials. Gulfood is the... More


Secretary-General of Dutch Ministry of Agriculture visits VanDrie Group

On Friday 25 January, Jan-Kees Goet, the Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), paid a visit to the VanDrie Group. Subjects that are relevant to the VanDrie Group were discussed in detail during the visit. ‘We held intensive... More


The VanDrie Group talks to: Aldrik Gierveld

Director of European Agricultural and Fisheries Policy and Food Safety, and Deputy Director-General for Agriculture and Nature at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Aldrik Gierveld gave us an interview about Corporate Social Responsibility.  More


Risk management: an integral part of the VanDrie Group’s policy

The VanDrie Group does business internationally, which entails certain risks. We regularly analyze the risks that can arise within our commercial chain. After all, risk management forms a core part of our policy. It determines how we anticipate risks, control processes and... More


VanDrie Group partner in innovation program regarding manure

The VanDrie Group is part of a consortium called ‘Next Level Manure Valorization’ that consists of Agrifirm, Darling Ingredients International, De Heus, FrieslandCampina, ForFarmers and Wageningen University & Research. The aim of the consortium is to develop a sustainable chain... More


The VanDrie Group talks to: Louise Fresco

Agricultural and food expert, Chair of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research, Louise O, Fresco gave us an interview for our report about Coporate Social Responsibility. More


A look at our supply chain: supply chain coordinator

The VanDrie Group is a supply chain coordinator. This means that the company owns all parts of production.  More


First Dutch veal on its way to China

After more than 17 years of negotiating, the Chinese market is finally open to Dutch veal More


Veal industry fits well into circular agriculture

At the beginning of September, Carola Schouten, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, published her vision for agriculture in the future. In the future vision ‘Agriculture, nature and food: valuable and connected’, the minister states that Dutch agriculture... More


Focus on the chain: sustainable calfskins

Our Oukro subsidiary in Apeldoorn processes around 1.5 million calfskins each year, which come primarily from our own slaughterhouses. Oukro handles the initial calfskin processing. Its customers then process the skins further. They may turn them into shoes, bags or clothing.  More


Maximum value

The VanDrie Group is dedicated to maximising economic value. We stimulate reuse, utilise residual waste flows and combat food waste. More


The VanDrie Group has published its CSR report

Dutch family-run company the VanDrie Group has published its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report online. In doing so, the group is making its 11th annual report on its efforts and challenges in the areas of sustainability, animal welfare and food safety.  More


The VanDrie Group goes to China with European Commissioner Hogan

The VanDrie Group is preparing the Chinese market for Dutch veal More


VanDrie Group Dutch Veal Week in Saudi Arabia

From 7 to 13 May 2018, the VanDrie Group is holding a Dutch Veal Week event in cooperation with the Dutch embassy in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia is an important growth market for the VanDrie Group. During the Dutch Veal Week, important Saudi contacts and consumers will learn all about... More


Focus on the chain; the link with dairy farming

Professionally, the veal industry can trace its roots back to the early 1960s and originates from the dairy farming industry.  More


Focus on the chain: transport

Responsible transport is a key concern for the VanDrie Group. Calves must be handled with due care and attention during transit, and not just at the veal farms.  More

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