Ekro invests in a roof for enhanced welfare

Veal processing companies such as Ekro in Apeldoorn have an important place in the VanDrie Group chain. It is precisely at this stage of the chain that optimal animal welfare and as little stress as possible are essential. Especially during hot periods. More


Ekro goes Eco

Veal processing companies have an important place in the VanDrie Group chain. These companies, such as Ekro in Apeldoorn, are taking steps to make their operations more ecologically responsible. We talked to Cor Schel, KAM Coordinator at Ekro, and Quintus van Grol, Advisor at... More


Doing even better through technical ingenuity

‘'When you ask for veal, we serve a concept', is the basic principle of Ekro, part of the VanDrie Group. The company supplies high-quality veal products tailored to the customer's requirements, such as whole veal breast or veal roast for the catering industry, but also consumer... More


Retiring earlier becomes possible due to the new Heavy Work scheme for the meat sector

In 2020, the collective labour agreement for the Dutch meat sector included a heavy work scheme for the first time. This new scheme was a result of the pension agreement More


This is who we are: Aniko Kover

The VanDrie Group employs people from all sorts of backgrounds, from all kinds of countries. This diversity adds shine to our company. We find this to be of value. We like to show you who the people behind the VanDrie Group are! More


Animal welfare in the meat sector requires maximum cooperation.

Working with animals in the meat sector is subject to strict legal requirements. Our meat processing plants are under permanent surveillance by various authorities and are subjected to camera monitoring. In addition, strict animal welfare protocols have been implemented at... More


Activists arrested at Ekro

On Sunday evening, 12 September, activists raided veal production company Ekro, part of the VanDrie Group, in Apeldoorn. The activists subsequently chained themselves up in production areas. Due to effective police action, all 82 activists were removed from the premises in an... More


VanDrie Group gives update on Covid-19 situation

Covid-19 continues to hold the Netherlands in its grip. It has done for over a year, and not only in this country. Our own companies have been actively and stringently anticipating the situation for over a year. And things were going well. Until the situation changed at veal... More

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